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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hi people!
So here I am.


Mood - Happy, confused, disappointed, angry.
Happy - For some reasons I also don't know why.
Hahaha, probably cuz of someone I'm crushing on. :)

Confused - Till now, still haven't book yet.
Felt a little confused over some stuff. Hai.

Disappointed - Over the various tests results.
I know, I shouldn't be like that.
But come one lah, imagine if you were in my shoes.
Spent crazily how many bucks on tuitions,
yet results not much improvements.
What's more without tuitions??? All fail is it?
Never mind, no one will ever understand though.
Of course I wouldn't want to be sad, no freaking point.
but do i have a choice? i can't control those tears,
those ugly black faces, alrights. blah. stupid shit.
Ever though of how I really felt deep deep down?

Angry - at myself. Hahaha, i'm such a failure though.
To you, it may not be.
But to myself, i am a successful failure.
Complete piece of shit. Yes, that's how I rate myself.
Optimistic? How I wish I could.

Anyw, I love to sing & even though nobody appreciates my voice,
but that doesn't mean that I don't have a right to sing.
As long as I do appreciate my own voice, and enjoy what I'm doing,
that's all that really matter to me, seriously.
I don't really care if anyone even care about it.
Selfish it may seem, but I know many ppl hate me singing.
Even though some ppl say it's nice, cuz maybe they just want to make me happy.
Save it. I had enough of them~
Anyway, who are you to judge how bad/well my voice is?
You aren't some qualified judges, but comments are still okay though. :D
Is not that I mind k, but you should know very well how I would feel.

I feel that you shouldn't stop loving what you love,
just because other people don't support you.
Or other than that, don't appreciate what you love.
It's not important, really.

OK, random.
&btw, next fri gna get back chem test results.
Happy or sad? I'll update on that next time then~

Can't wait for FRH's Yuan Dian's pictorial! HEHE.

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 5:06 AM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saw videos on fei lun hai's concert ticket autosession which was held yesterday.
Yeap, they're a funny bunch of guys :D
Damn funny can~~~~~~~~ And yalun at starting that time tripped again!
During zhong ji san guo also, wahlau, damn funny lah he :)
Be more careful la~~~ ^^
Hahahaha, felt quite happy about it :D

Oh, they also said they'll take yi bai wan from the concerts income to juan for the needy.. And I'm very happy coz I've contributed in a way or another~~~ :)
Yeap~ they said this time's concerts will be very wan zheng, and they're planning surprises too.
They said they might jump out on the 2nd floor or fly from the 3rd floor~
Yiru said it won't be like the other stops one, will be different la.
Rock the whole xiao ju dan~ :D  
Then zhu chi ren said, so don't be surprised & go, 'eh how come da dong in front of me',
or ' eh how come ya lun so near me'. Lols. Okay... hahhaa, really can't wait.
Love my mummy lots~~

PS I'll work doubly triply hard for EOY cuz that's our promise right mum?
The improvement that i've promised you & myself too.

Kk that's all bye(:
> 69days :D

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 4:16 AM

Friday, August 14, 2009

heyheyyou. Hi :D
Today is a super random day filled with many ~~~~~ you know.
Hahhaha you know i know we all know can already.

Omg today FRH having the meetup session @ Taipei la.
And it's from 4 PM to 9 PM! So it's like NOWWWW.
Ah, want go but then... Can't at all.
Forget it, i'm not going to complain :)
Hope everything's okay there.

Anyone got MayDay Concert ticket(s)?
If you don't want can give me I don't mind, really.
Quite int to go, but then i'm not willing to pay for the cost.
Why? Coz I'm using the money for a more important thing. :)
hahahahhahahaha. If have must tell meeeeeee.
If not then it's okay(:

&FRH having their concert tickets autosession tmrw!
Ahhhh I wanna go one can~~ but then again, can't.
Super shitzxz, all also can't. But nvm lah, hope everyth's ok tmrw.
Am just going to wait for their video clips and so on~

Pray that the victims of the tai nan's typhoon will have a better life soon~~
Go www.wretch.cc/blog/arronbubest for Lun's latest blog updates! :D

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 1:48 AM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

changed blog url and skin. I don't really like this skin's layout.
Ahh, never mind. Next time when free then change again :D
People relink me please! :D Thanks a million~~ ,

My links are not up yet.. That's cause I'm very very busy nowadays.
School has been giving everyone so much homework,
hardly have any space to breathe. LOL. ):

K will update again soon. Bye~

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 2:22 AM

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yeap. This is one of the pictures I've with me. Hahaha, I know it's NOT CLEAR, don't have to tell me. -_- But hehe, who cares right. :D

Details on that day, I really don't have the time to explain here. Thanks to HomeEc Research that I've to rush! Ahh.. Damnit. So by next post okay? :D I'll try :)

He's one super funny guy~ I guess that sentence will make you want to know more? :P Lol, I know nobody reads this(Maybe), but I don't care. I post for the sake of posting HAHAHA. -.-

Leave a tag @ inlovewith-him.blogspot.com if you can enter.
Cuz many are complaining that they can't enter. Right? I'll put a tagboard here soon, do wait K.
&PLS DON'T RELINK ME, tyvm. :) I still want my inlovewith-him.bs one eh. I know what's the problem la, it's cuz I created this blog that's why. Next time have time then I explain okay okay~


亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:26 AM