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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OH YEAH. Hello hello ;)

Today almost got molested by some very-idiot-freaky guy.
For the first time in my life, I encountered this kind of things.
He was like looking at our name tags and shouted our names,
like as if we're his friends. Oh no. Who wants to be friends w him. :(

There's plenty of homework today.
I think it's a lot. Though I know it's not. 
I need to complete it before midnight! *Smiles*

I love to sleep in class, especially during humanities and A.maths lessons. Oh no. Bad sign. 

I hate you, bitch. Total bitch. I hate you to the shit core.
I wish I hadn't known you at all. But too bad,
I just have to live with a bitch like you. 
Just my luck to have met you.
Maybe next time in my life, I won't have to meet such a backstabber like you. So now, I just have to bear with it, we're not going to see each other, anymore. 
You won't miss me too much when that day comes right? That'll be best. 

Anyway, I think A.Y is like so crazy! (in a goody goody way) 
But it's damn damn cool aye. Never mind the craziness :D
I love it~we love it~love it love it~ 

突然好想你 :(

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:10 AM

Monday, January 25, 2010

I totally don't know where my links and tagboards have flown to.
I was just merely changing the damn blogskin into someth simpler, yet..
It's ok. Next time I'll fix it back when I have more time. :)

I shall be contented with just this.
I just need a space for me to type, type and type anything I want.


Sometimes, I really wish I could go back to the 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 years old me.
When I didn't understand a shit about this complicated world.
When I've got so many freaking stupid questions in my mind.
Why this happen? Why is it like that? Why this tastes so sucky?
All the many many 'whys'...
But at least, whenever I asked a 'why', there would always be an answer.
That answer may not be the real reason behind my question,
but at least the adults knew how to hide the truth from me well.
And at least, I was naive enough to believe them and continue with my, happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Shiok, wasn't it? That stress-free lifestyle.

And you just don't have to worry a thing.
Games, lollipops, family's attention, all were there for you. To enjoy.

現在長大了, 事情再也沒有那麼簡單了...

When I was young, I wished I could grow up faster, faster!
But this wasn't the case when I got older:(
What happen to the simple life I'd thought earlier on?

Till then I realized that everything was just my imagination.

Coping badly in school :(
Let's let others overtake me.
Maybe I'm just not up to the standards.
Eh eh. 75% for maths test today :P
Irony right? But I just know I'm lousy, that's good enough.

In school, I'm happy always :)
I guess i wasn't acting to be one.
Back at home, away from friends, all my weird thoughts suddenly shot into my mind.
And once again, I looked emo. :(
But nevertheless, I'm happy with life :D

3 months' ago's TODAY, you're badly missed by ME. :( 

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:22 AM

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why, why, why.
Tell me why.

How much I study doesn't tally with my results most of the time.
And there're so many other people in my class,
that are so much more hardworking than me. Why.
If only things weren't this stressful for me.

I wish I've lots of money.
There're so much things that I really wish that I could do.
But all that requires the presence of money.
It's not the first time I'm feeling broke.
Neither the second time. Hey, i'm supposed to be rich.
Why not. I'm rich. But why, i'm feeling broke lately?

If letting go means happiness,
I would be really really happy now.
I'll probably be smiling any day, any hour, any minute, any second.
But too bad, it's not.

Sometimes my life forces me to do the things that I don't want to.
No matter how much I want to say no, I just can't.
And the things that I've planned, not much were done in the end.
Damn contradicting right. I also don't get it.

Why, why, why.
Tell me why. If i ought to know the reasons.
Otherwise, so be them.
Let them be, let me be.

Oh ya. I want to say...
2Hum, I will never forget you guys. Thanks for everything.
And 3Dil, let's create unforgettable memories for us before we graduate!

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:57 AM

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Am happy that xxx xxx xxx :D
Hahaha do you get it?! Ahhh. I bet you don't.
Never mind, i'm very happy to know that already!
Really really :) long time no see~~~~~ ):

3 Dil damn funny! Super. Geog classes were best!
At least I quite enjoy la, Mr Ong super cool! HAHAHA.
Today one damn crazy man. But he made geog seem easy, cool right?
And I personally love love love geog la, so yep.
I love it!
LCE also damn fun. Election of class CEC members.
Hahahaha. Was funny funny & funny la~~
And Mr Leow's lesson today wasn't as fun as previous,
but it was okay. Wooooo. School has been pretty cool.

I don't care if CNY he's coming back or not.
Can see then that'll be great, can't see then, next time lor! :)
I want go back TKP! WHO'S GOING BACK TOO?
I wish can see some people too ^^
Super miss them!! OMG. I MISS YOU GUYS LA. ><

Ohya, congrats to those graduated seniors who got satisfying results!

Wooooo. Felt damn happy for them, and those who didn't do as well,
it's okay it's okay, cry if it'll make you better :)

Lol. But anwy so cool! You all graduated already, I want faster graduate!
Then can go to poly, so on & forth.

But okay la, secondary school life is supposed to be the most fun.
Hehehe. So I should enjoy right? XD


Hey, she was in our clique one okay.
But you just have to go close to her.
So our clique has lost one important clique member,
Don't stare at me everyday like as if I did you wrong K.
Act like some xxx. Why did I even friend you in the past.
If you didn't hang out with her,
I wouldn't even care a shit about it.
But she was our friend, a very close friend. MIND YOU.
And now, recess or after school, who she hangs out with?
YOU. Eat with you, walk with you, chat with you. Wtf.
Hate me hate me. I hope you'll hate me like shit.
Cuz I'm doing so to you. Bitch. worse than that maybe.
Never mind, never mind. It's none of my business already.
Go, go and be her best friend. I won't give a damn.

Zz. HAHAHA. anyway I'm not emo~~~
I can't wait for this Saturday, next Wednesday & Saturday! <3 <3

PS my blogskin went bonkers! Ahahaha. next time will change :D

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:03 AM

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I walked past your friends today, you weren't there.
I thought I'll see you somewhere in school, you weren't there.
I hoped to see you going back school during my recess or even aft school,
you weren't there.

So I messaged my friends to help me keep a lookout for you, yes you.
And when I got home, I received 2 SMS-es telling me that they saw you. (!!)
I knew you would go back, though the chances are THAT slim.
Ans yes you did, when I just stepped into my house.

I even asked my clique if they wanna stay in school with me to wait,
but sadly to say, we weren't fated to meet today.

I don't feel sad.
I don't feel like crying.
I don't miss you at all.
These are all lies.
Maybe the truths are what you don't know.
These are not the things that I can control,
I will let nature takes its course,
maybe, someday,
time would change these lies into truths. you'll never know.
and that day, I can finally say I don't care anymore.
knowing that i will never think of you anymore.
that'll be good for me, should be the best way out.
but now, sorry. not achievable.

What hurts you doesn't kill you.
It makes you even stronger than before.
you know, you never failed to make me stronger than before.
that's why I love you more & more~

even though there's her..
but seriously, WHO CARES. At least, I don't.
I know you're happy. so I'll be too!


亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 7:09 AM

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't understand her, really.
why she's like that. is it on purpose because of that day.
or is it. she really changed x.
anyway, i don't know what to say.
not that close to her, but at the very least,
we chatted before. so felt sad that she changed x.
I don't know why. but it's okay.
i believe he doesn't deserve someone like her to like him.
never mind that. it's not really my problem.
i'm in no position to say much.

anyway, 3 dil was okay i guess.
not yet bonded with most of my classmates,
but hope to bond with them sometime soon.
easier to talk. right no.
science lessons were damn damn fun.
thanks to the many many jokers in class. :D
maths i'm not sure yet, but i hope to enjoy her lessons.
school was overall okay, so far.
pg looks hard, but i wna overcome my fear of it!
ya, like i fear it -_-'
I only worried can't maintain my A in pg la.
somemore, is PG. not G. urgh what shit is that.

oh realised my classmates are scary, in some ways.
like, they looked so hardworking, i'm scared. (!)
I thought they all will slack one, but sorry to say,
i'm so so so wrong! hahahhaha
okay good good, in a way. -_-
hope to see top scorers from 3 dil K! :D
1 or 2 or 3 will be good. i'll be damn happy for the class.
of course happier if i can be one of them XDD
bad is that a bit hard for me to you know. haha
must chiong already! wooo hoo.
(scared face)

Happy 2010! I know i'm lag but who cares right.
I lazy post so a bit delay. yeap.
okay la, next time blog again.

having a lot of thoughts now.
next time post a proper post hahahha.

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:54 AM