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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've watched those videos!! Yes.
Oh my god. They kena hantam those questions like crazy sia. 
I was like so worried, '' oh my god oh my god, why need to like that ask them! ''
But in the end, I see how they reply to those questions,
I was like, '' hmm nicely said. ''
Train them to speak better or train them to know how to think fast also.
I think. Yeap. Maybe it's a good thing. ^^

Yeah. Amazed. But seriously Zun was a bit quiet,

so it's like make people think that the other 3 were trying to help him cover up.
Cos initially I had that kind of feeling. It's worse if i'm not their fan.
I will even more think that wayyy.
But I know la, he's shy so he's not talking much. 
LOL. He's best at eating!! Can non-stop one~ 

A maths paper was difficult! ARGH.
I'm so damn stress even after the paper..
It's like before the paper, I worry for the paper.
After the paper, I worry for the result. 
And this stressful cycle goes on & on.
Till O levels. :( 
Mummy... :(

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:40 AM

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i wonder who actually reads my blog.
but even if no one's reading it, i'll still blog.
because it's like a private diary to me already.
though there's another private one.

The world is facing so much conflicts every single day.
It's becoming more and more like a habit already. i think.
Okay, so. Why need to hate me for hating your idols?
I just don't like. Means i don't like.
It's so simple. So we're not friends just because,
we've different idols? Laugh out loud man.
Celebrities sometimes even have conflicts among one another.
So do their fans. This is like a cycle.

I dislike your idols. I made comments about them.
You took it as AN INSULT, and scolded me.
With your vulgarities which show how actually polite you're,
and saying that I've no life. I don't understand your idols well enough.
Hm. you can't expect the whole wide world to love your idols?
Then there'll only be YOUR IDOLS which exist.
Accept it, your idols aren't perfect.
If I made comments, this just means that they've more room for improvements.
But you took it so seriously. Yes, I can see how much you idolize them,
by the way you're defending them for yourself/their fans.

If it hurts you so much, IT HURTS ME TOO.
so you know what to say next time?

And I think i was a little immature to scold those people last time.
I admit I did not think before I did that.
From this, I realised that all the things I did then,
was just because I support them and so, positive positive positive.
I understand now. A little better than before.

HAHAH actually nothing has happened. K bye.
CROSS COUNTRY TMR. like we're gna cross Singapore to M'sia.

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 4:31 AM

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

今天 所看到的 所聽到的 不是那麼的好聽


I also don't know become more & more what already. :P

I've finally realised some more differences between a leader & a member..  
I've been thinking what's all these things about..
Because we can never bridge the gap between a leader and a member,
that's why a leader will always be a leader, and so the same for the member.
It's true, sometimes.
Hence, the differences stay as well..
And so maybe because of this, members usually will look up to leaders.
But leaders most probably won't look down on members, 
because for the fact that they're leaders. 
If they do, then that's when people start to doubt about all the values that they hold as a leader.

When leaders made a mistake, others/&members would probably think that it's a grave mistake.
Because members usually look up to them, they can't afford to make any mistakes.
Whereas when members made a mistake, others/&leaders will prolly think that it's okay.
Because leaders know that there're still room for improvements for members,
it's fine for them to make a mistake. 
Forgiveness shall be another thing.
Leaders will usually have much more exclusive privileges than members. 
Why, because they're leaders, they ought to know more, or to be rewarded more.
And the list goes on. So I say again,
because we can never bridge the gap between a leader & a member,
that's why they'll stay as who they're and the differences between them will remain the same.

I wonder if I've made the right decision, but maybe it's time for me to take a break. 

Looks may be the most obvious reason for you to like someone,
but they're not always is. 

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 4:14 AM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haven't sorted out all my links.
Lost everything due to the previous blogskin.
Sorry peeps :(
Will get all back slowly~ soon.soon.soon!

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 8:08 AM

Do you still remember all the first times?
The first year, the first album, the first event, the first drama...
and ETCs. I still do. Miss those times most of the time.

Despite the fact that now is Chinese New Year.
cum Valentine's..
This year's amount not that good.
But I'm still happy!! Still above $500!!

I'm feeling so lethargic lately. Although I've been sleeping a lot.
Haven't been hitting the books, felt quite guilty about it. :(
but why the hell should I do that! It's like festive period now,
and there goes all the tests the week after.
Hello hello, where's the time left for us to study?
Looks like the school wants us to fail the exams.

CNY celebration. so many people I don't know.
and because I don't know them, they didn't give me any thing.
Hahahha. but it's alright it's okay, not very close also.
Lol. Had fun with cousins! Jokes & stuff.

Tata. Damn SIAN. Turning in soon.soon.soon HAHAHA

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 7:58 AM

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I was quite pissed today, I'm talking about the whole day.
And I really mean it.
But I've come to realize that, some things if you use anger to overcome it,
you'll never get anywhere. So i've decided.
Let it be. let things be.

If some things are meant to be, they'll be.
I just have to wait, patiently for the time to come. And that's all.
So sorry to be pissed. I freaking couldn't control my emotions man.
I mean, for everything that i was angry/sad about. 
But at the end of the day, at least this has taught me some great lessons.

Oh fahrenheit I love you :D
Saved me today, then I don't have to go one big round. 
Felt quite happy about it, so in the end i did so many things already!
Kay I think no one will understand wth i'm typing about. /:

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 4:31 AM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello hello! I'm officially back from the 3D2N's camp!
HAHAHA. Missed me? :D
Okay, the camp was totally CMI.
Almost died, now dying already. Seriously man.
It actually in turned made me cherish more about things/ppl around me! :)
But to those who didn't go, you've missed all the bonding activities,
and many other better things with your own classmates.
Cos from this camp, I've bonded so much more with 3Dil.
And I've realised that there're actually so many nice ppl arnd me. :)

OH. My group won the best group award. Hee.
There are 3 winners and one of the group is my group. Yay!
At least from our class there's a winner. Woo~
Oh. The campfire CMI man. The instructors right,
at there don't know doing what shit.
But the performing part was alright, I had fun though. HAHA.

FREAKK. We didn't get to KAYAK thanks to the RAIN. -_-'
And they still expect group 7 to help carry the rafts back.
FUCK RIGHT? Everyone was so pissed off CAN. -/-
Now my muscles are aching like mad.

High elements, milo pool, team building, overall was alright.
Not bad. Kay, that's about it. Last camp of secondary school life,
thinking about it, I've missed all the people, & the fun we've had then.
Yeah, it's a short camp, but nevertheless, it was pretty alright.
It's just a camp, I can't expect too much of luxury from it,
so should I say, it's QUITE okay..

Ahbu's recent post! :)


I don't get why, some people will think, just because he's going to release his own EP,
then that shows that Fahrenheit is disbanding.
But okay la, it's 'natural thinking', i mean others who don't quite know them,
will have that mindset. But just hope that they'll understand that,
by releasing EP does not necessarily means that they're going to disband.
AHHHHHH. I hope he'll still release his EP! :)

KAY, that's it! Bye peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:41 AM