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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kay, I owe people a proper post on our Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia trip..

On 18thMar, I met Christella and we roamed AMK Hub.
Before going to Janice's house for stayover.
I swear the stayover was damn fun. We went to KFC for supper.
And Christella forgot that the next morning on the way to a/p. 
HAHAHHAHA. Cuz she totally didn't sleep the night before.
So i guess she's suffering from some.. lagging thing disease.

Reached there in the morning on 19th March.
We waited for our car for so long please, until everyone pekcek.
But in the end it came, so nothing happened! 

At first I was so worried that that driver will scam us or wdv.
but know what.. I seem to have thought too much into things! 
Typical me. :(
On the way to hotel, we heard dearest FRH on radio!
I was like shit, will we be able to rush to the station in time.
When we haven't even checked in yet! but nevertheless,
we made it in time.

One of their cars somewhere outside the radio station.
We managed to catch them! Whee~~~
I think that was Zun & Calvin's car. can't remember.

They went to eat eat eat after that.

We also went to eat there. Hahahahaha.
We seriously looked like the youngest group of people there.
It's okay, that's why we're special. Lol lol LOL LOL. ><

That's 20th. they were late for like an hour! HAHAHAA.
But we never got tired of waiting:)
The event was good good good! :D 
I couldn't believed i've got the courage to like talk to him pls.
I thought i'd be so damn nervous until won't talk.
But no, i didn't. 

I think i scared dao him with the stitch. 
Sorry ahbu! :/
hahahahhaha. his expression when he was talking to me was totally!!!!!!! 
I almost forgot to give the stitch, but thanks christella for reminding!

6pm's event was like FUCK please. 
We were like lost at first, some idiot security guards also didn't know where was it.
What the. You all first day at work is it! = =
but in the end lucky for us, we reached before they came out.
Was damn hot & a big fan was blocking part of our view.
But, when they came out... NOTHING ELSE MATTERS ANYMORE! <3
Ppl on our side kept calling their names, ya lun/ da dong.
I think our side got more donglun fans~
and yiru. zun very few. his should be the other side. Hahhaha.

Donglun's car during the canon photoshooting @ night.
Hahahhaha yalun & da dong went out of the car to go toilet.
And da dong asked for 4 of us only if we have had our dinner!
We were stunned please~~~ HAHAHAHHAHA. but quite shiok la.
He talked to us randomly le. but okay la, we were calling his names repeatedly.
Lol. LOL. Ahbu's smile @ our direction was PRICELESS! Damn sweeeeeet!
TOTALLY!!! this one everyone has to agree right! :D

Whole trip was really fun and damn cool. 
Oh! And not forgetting the craziest part of us @ Federal Hotel!:D
HAHAHAHA. The funniest part of us revealed there. HAHAHA.
But i saw some things which i shouldn't have seen which kinda spoiled my mood.
Yep shall not talk about it anymore. 
I know ahbu knows her so his reaction to her action was supposed to be expected.

Our drivers were so cool please. they made friends with us. on their own accord.
Haahhaha. one of them asked if he's coming SG can ask us be his tour guides..
Lol, joke sial.:) friendly ttm~

Ending pictures. Tata.

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