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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I updating le luh. TYP! 
I know you miss my post :D HAHHAHAA.

Actually, I don't know what to post about, really. 
Oh there's some things which I want to say.
To clear someone's name. Lol.
He act cute? Also not for you all to see.
He's just probably being cute for HIS FANS to see,
to scream, to whatever, why do you people have to bother.
Still post in blogs big big for the public to see how act he is.
Totally/indirectly ruining FAHRENHEIT's reputation.
Not entirely HIS. Cuz as you already know, he's one of them.
In that way, will make you people happier is it? 
If so, then I've nothing much to say. 
Cuz seriously uh, it's not like as if he knew your blog,
and will go read your post. 

Even if I don't like him, I also won't go and criticize him.
You know, his fans will not like you. 
Don't say me, I've no relation with you ppl. 
Plus, I'm not exactly his fan.

Say, among yourselves it's fine, it's none of my business ANYWAY.
And I don't have any rights to say much too.
But posting big big in blogs.. It's a different story.
People like me who don't know you, but am their fan,
or your friends who know them, will judge.
Have you ever spare thought how his fans would feel, 
or how angry you would be if people said those words about your idol?
I really hope you did.  

Like how we hate people who criticize ahbu.
I really, dislike people who criticize him,
so. What if i do the same, criticize that him?
His fans obviously will hate me. Or dislike me.
Think, before you decide to say anything.
Some people may remember your words for a lifetime.

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 2:59 AM

Friday, December 18, 2009

15/12 ARRIVAL OF FRH @ Singapore.

Went airport to meet Yp.
Get changed at toilet & went to meet the others.
We were like quite early, haha.
Then then, they reached! 
Saw him but didn't pass any letter cuz I didn't plan to pass.
At that time. Lol.

PS wtf some people just made my day.

16/12 FRH MUSIC SHOWCASE @ St. James.

Morning was shit. really.
I realised that there's betrayer(s) around~~
But thanks to you/s man, I got what I wanted. 
Thank you thank you~ Ya, like real i wanna thank you = =

And she talked to me, shall not say what she said,
wanted to say her back, 
but didn't want add oil to fire, so forget it. :) shit anyway;

Yp told me smth which i totally agree man. 
I really sacrificed a lot can~
Still have to be blamed for ~~ by some people,
still have to bear getting shouted by some woman,
and still have to stand her f~ing face @@
Is this the price I've to pay to see them? 

Showcase was great nevertheless.
He knew I like him lo. Not really cause of what i wore ba..
More of b'cause of my letter. Got his name big big and clear.
And he at the start saw it already, so it's a ++ for me. 
I dao Yiru's smile for like few times, damn guilty.
But smiled back to his super sunshine smile twice ba. 

They ask questions then got one/2 Qs me & yp answered it quite loudly,
then donglun looked at us! And nodded.
He looked at my side a lot of times!
Cuz he knew it already~~
And he cue-d me a lot of timessssssssssssssssssssss.
But I at there staring, huh? HAHA. 
Okay la, in the end got it. 
He sang ai dao that time, pointed at me and winked + smile~
That's another ++ too! 

He kept coughing thru out.
But still maintained his high-ness & smiles.
Me & Yp decided to shout some encouraging words,
when not very noisy, & yep, he heard that! & looked at us :)
Another ++ too~ don't know why da dong also looked over.

Overall got zhuan dao la, was good.
Though was really angry over some people, 
but never mind la, angry over them for what? 
Really, i don't think it's worth it. = = 

Ahbu, get well soon, your fans are worrieddd. ):
When I didn't see you go 933,
I almost teared can. But it's okay, get well soon!
Health more important than anything else, take care~
See you soon again XD

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 2:32 AM

Sunday, December 13, 2009



哈 哈 哈!
你們呢?  期待嗎?

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:10 AM

Friday, December 4, 2009

Went ESPRIT yesterday. It looks so much BIGGER compared to sg's.
Serious, must go in & see see. ^^
The price about the same, not so cheap. But I love the pink colour deco outside.
Sg's one is red~ I prefer PINK. XD

The effect damn cool and I love it. C!

Many many things have been in my mind lately.
Not that MANY actually :P
Was just thinking of different people around me. 
not all la. Some.

ppl no.1,
they're always there beside you no matter what happens.
even if you hate them to the shit core just b'cuz they've upset you in some ways,
they're still there, for you. 
I realised that i've been treating them like shit.
i wish i could treat them better,
for the fact that they belong to me,
for the fact that without them i wouldn't be here,
for the fact that they've spent a lot of money on me,
for the fact that those money that they've spent, i might not have the ability to return them all,
even after i've grown up,
for the fact that they listen to me willingly telling them stories about frh,
even if they're not interested at all,
for the fact that they love me, even if i don't SEEM to love them as much.
Once and twice i told myself, 
i will and must treat them better.. For they don't deserve bad treatment from me,
but still, i couldn't keep my own promise. 
I don't owe them anything, they owe me nothing too,
but they're still willing to earn money for me (other than themselves),
and treat me even better than they treat themselves.
Even if I've scolded them for the 100th or 1000th times,

they still bear with it, cause they know that i've not grown up yet.
sometimes i put my friends before them, they're still okay with it.
or even idols before them, anything. they're okay with it,
though i can tell that they wish that i put them as first in whatever choices i made.
I really wonder how can they put up with a girl like me,
for the whole of my 14 years of life. 
Without them, there wouldn't be me.
I guess that one reason is enough for me to fulfill my duty,
that is to treat them as who they're.
For my lifetime.
I wonder when i'll be so good to them.

ppl no.2..
I knew them since long time ago.
But whenever I think of them, i wonder if they'll think of me.
Or if they remembered who I actually was.
I didn't want to lose them as friends,
but i'm sure that they've made greater friends now.
I don't wish that they'd still rmb me,
but i really want to thank me for letting me be in their part of life,
for that period of years. you guys know that i still luv you all.
the bunch of 6 boys and girls.. as far as i can rmb.
I just know that i once had really super friends before,
that is you all. I wonder how you all are doing now.. 

ppl no.3..
those few ppl/her.
It was all thanks to her that I get to see them.
I know that without her,
or her initiation, I wouldn't have that kind of chances.
But sometimes, I always thought why did she have to do that.
Or why they don't want to share with me those news,
or whatever you call them. Is it because i'm not close w them,
or they don't see the need to? Sigh. I know that after that period,
I no longer need to know much anymore.(from them)
Sometimes i really don't know why they chose to do that..
I don't want to think so much about it le. 

Kk. Today went shopping again! Spent like another $250?
Am I like crazy. Haha, i think so :p
Kayz, bye~

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 7:49 AM

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Was chatting with YP just now. Wheeeee.
And she blamed me not talking to her since she was online.
You think i everytime go check the WLM is it~
SIAO. I not that crazy to stalk or to see who online. Alright~
I know you miss me & can't wait to see my pretty pretty dresses & etc etcs! 
See the MSN chat on top? I forced her to type that UH. :D
Cuz she owe me money what, then she bargain with me sia.
I told her ok la, you just need to pay me back half of the original $ can already,
on one condition. That is to tell me that thing on top.

HAHHAHA damn happy,. 
But that is what i asked her to type to me. -_-'''
Not sincere sia.

Sooo. In the end i asked her, ok la, will decrease more if you think of a sentence,
which has the SAME meaning as that sentence, & must make me touched!
Then I'll let you pay less less LESS :)
But still must pay HAHAHAH. XD
OHHH. Yes, in the end she gave me a freaking loooong sentence,
and i was quite 'Awwww. that's so cool!' so i decided okay lar, let you off~ :P
Half price & that's that. ^^ 
Luv youuu my 'xin lin xiang tong' partner XD
Like in one of the chats above~ HA! 

Spent $50 on a i-swear-damn-pretty dress today! 
Gna wear that for my date next time.
Thanks mum, love you ;)

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 7:53 AM

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hi, hi. Feel like changing blogskin but I think now's not a good time.
I don't know why, suddenly thought of 某某人~

The hardest thing to do is to watch the one you really love,
or the one whom you've been having a crush on,
loving someone else.
But I guess if that love means a lot to you,
it's still worth it to cherish it, even if it hurts you sometimes.
It's been years, and it's still going strong.
Or even stronger, no one knows. Lol, lol.

I don't have to mean a thing to you,
so long as you mean something to me,
it's enough already, really.

I think i SIAO already.
I think I'll be like 'shit shit shit!' when I see someone again XD

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 7:53 AM