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Saturday, September 19, 2009


I know I've not been updating~
Anw. Quite happy with my chem test, 40/50, eh eh not bad right? :D
But I know la, it's not THAT good, cuz 18 ppl got As. o.o
So yah. Won't be too complacent le. Time to buck up!
Less than one more month to end of exams.

Went to ION Orchard today with mum & others.
The place super the nice. But then, very small! TSK.
And the stuff there are not cheap. & I saw erika! Hahahhaha. ;)
Yeap, then walk walk then go eat @ the food court.
Not bad, the food. Just that it ex. TSK.

& my aunt gave me $200 for nothing le.
She so rich! Everytime meet up always give me $$ ^^
Most of the times lah. Hehe. So..
My conclusion is : I should go out with my aunt more.
More generous than my mum :P
Okay lah, about the same. Imagine my mum gave me $200 also.
Then i can have $400 right! ~ Hai, dream on :)
She wants see me score A1s or A2s then give money~

So now I got a lot of money. Hahhaa but don't try to scam me,
by asking me treat you eat! HAHAHA. I not so stupid alrightzxz. :)
Hahaha, I know who would~ Scammer~ LOL.
Kk. That's all~ BYE BYE BYE. ;) (By2 song. HAHA)

(35 DAYS~)

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