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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I f-ing dislike people who just LOVE to say that FRH lip-sync.
YAH RIGHT. Whatever okay. They want lip-sync, your problem? Lifeless.
Damn lifeless. 

I may seem random, but actually i just saw a youtube video,
of an event they attended, and they sang some songs la.
Then got this f-ing youtube user who commented,
'they lip-synhcing'. Whatever okay.

Don't even know how to spell, please don't even type. It's lip-syncing BTW.
You don't like people who lip-sync right?
Seriously, why you even bother about them so much?
You don't like then don't watch lah!
Nobody asked you to go and watch it ANYWAY.
Oh I didn't know you care about them so much. 
Thanks for that alright. Thanks a lot. 

You don't even like them, of course you won't understand them.
You don't know ah, if you don't like someone/ a boyband or even anything,
you have no time to love them. Once you dislike frh,
you won't even have time to understand them.
You don't even understand them, who are you to talk here?
Please okay, who are you to say so much? Of course, you have the right to.
I'm just saying it IN MY OPINION btw.
You want to hate me now, your choice. None of my business.

If you don't understand them, then don't even say they this or they that.
Cuz when you have no time to love them,
you won't know how much effort they've put in.
I can imply that you don't know a thing about them. So can just shut up?
Or you can just go and sing.
Please okay, grow up. Since you said so much about them,
means that you're very good right? So why don't you sing there?
Since I suppose you don't lip-sync and sing so well, you go sing lah.
You very pro alr what. Go sing lah!
Talk talk talk, don't you feel by talking so much is a waste of time?
But well, i think so.
you might as well show to the public that you don't lip-sync LIKE FRH,
& sing to them right?
Prove to them you ain't like them, prove la,
that you're better than them in that part of not lip-syncing.
In that part can alr, cause you only said that they aren't good in singing,
or rather you're implying that.

You may be thinking, i criticize so much, why don't i go sing or what right?
Oh well, I'm unlike you, I'm different.
I don't criticize singers that they lip-sync, or their singing sucks.
Well at least, even if i don't like a boyband or anything,
I don't tell the whole world like you.
I care about their fans,
I know their fans wouldn't like what i'm going to say,
I know how they would feel if i insult their idols,
so i'm not like you, so heartless alright??
Btw, i'm not saying i'm nice here. it's 2 diff things.
Actually i kind of dislike some boybands also,
but i don't go around telling ppl,
or making insulting comments on them at youtube. I don't. 

Some youtube user, just spoils my day.
Don't know how to appreciate others' voices, others' effort, 
then DON'T EVEN CARE. (just an advice anyway.)
Don't come and say you aren't my maid so why shld you listen to me -.-
I don't get it why you bother so much about them when you don't like them.
I really, must thank you for that.

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