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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I posted the same picture~
Cuz I lazy upload the others, got some damn clear ones!
But I lazy upload to share with you all~ XD

I've been emo-ing ever since today or yesterday.
1) Cliques//
We're all going different classes next year. Time flies like super super fast.
The atmosphere in school wasn't very good lately uh.
But though we're separating soon,
i'm pretty sure that we won't forget the friendship that we've forged during these 2 years.
Unless you're those kind that will forget old friends once you've new ones la.
Reading letters from you all, really heart-wrenching.

2) Fahrenheit's concerts @ Taipei//
It's like over already. But to me, whenever I think about it,
I'd always treat it as everything has just happened yesterday~
I bet those 2 nights are one of my best memories ever man.
A repeat? It's impossible.. But i can't say that I regret not enjoying myself la.
Because, I did enjoy myself there. Totally xiang ru fei fei~
Lazy type Chinese! I've been watching videos that I took then..
And whenever I re-watched it, suddenly will have a feeling of sadness.
Cuz it's like impossible to have a repeat anymore.
But that isn't main point la. At least, I had fun right.
Shall be positive & look forward to their arrival here in Dec~ :D

3) ________ @ __________
Yesterday mum told me that they're going to have ______ @ _______~
On the phone with mummy yesterday, she told me some things la.
But maybe I shan't think about it first, can't go then don't go lo.
It's really NO BIG DEAL. :D
I don't know why I xxx last night, then my mum dad were like saying,
Eh your reaction no need so big right? Like that also must xxx.
don't tell us that you crazy over it until like that??
Then i said, ya la. People sad cannot is it!
I also never force you all to let me go, keep saying i this i that for? -_-
They said, but you don't have to go and xxx right!
I said, whatever la. you don't even understand me lo. Forget it man.
Then i cut off the call XD
Because my prepaid for overseas money gang gang hao no money,
so just nice! :D :D &my mum thought i was angry or someth,
so she sent me a message! :) HAHAHA. Shan't reveal it's content. :D

and right, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/
What the F! She go for what la. Seriously.
I mean, er, she doesn't know how to appreciate. (i think)
Don't know, don't care.
As mentioned, can't go for this one NO BIG DEAL for me :)

Yeap. That's why I'm emo-ing like shiate these few days.
But actually it's okay la. Not that bad~
Parts and parcels of life :D ~

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