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Friday, December 18, 2009

15/12 ARRIVAL OF FRH @ Singapore.

Went airport to meet Yp.
Get changed at toilet & went to meet the others.
We were like quite early, haha.
Then then, they reached! 
Saw him but didn't pass any letter cuz I didn't plan to pass.
At that time. Lol.

PS wtf some people just made my day.

16/12 FRH MUSIC SHOWCASE @ St. James.

Morning was shit. really.
I realised that there's betrayer(s) around~~
But thanks to you/s man, I got what I wanted. 
Thank you thank you~ Ya, like real i wanna thank you = =

And she talked to me, shall not say what she said,
wanted to say her back, 
but didn't want add oil to fire, so forget it. :) shit anyway;

Yp told me smth which i totally agree man. 
I really sacrificed a lot can~
Still have to be blamed for ~~ by some people,
still have to bear getting shouted by some woman,
and still have to stand her f~ing face @@
Is this the price I've to pay to see them? 

Showcase was great nevertheless.
He knew I like him lo. Not really cause of what i wore ba..
More of b'cause of my letter. Got his name big big and clear.
And he at the start saw it already, so it's a ++ for me. 
I dao Yiru's smile for like few times, damn guilty.
But smiled back to his super sunshine smile twice ba. 

They ask questions then got one/2 Qs me & yp answered it quite loudly,
then donglun looked at us! And nodded.
He looked at my side a lot of times!
Cuz he knew it already~~
And he cue-d me a lot of timessssssssssssssssssssss.
But I at there staring, huh? HAHA. 
Okay la, in the end got it. 
He sang ai dao that time, pointed at me and winked + smile~
That's another ++ too! 

He kept coughing thru out.
But still maintained his high-ness & smiles.
Me & Yp decided to shout some encouraging words,
when not very noisy, & yep, he heard that! & looked at us :)
Another ++ too~ don't know why da dong also looked over.

Overall got zhuan dao la, was good.
Though was really angry over some people, 
but never mind la, angry over them for what? 
Really, i don't think it's worth it. = = 

Ahbu, get well soon, your fans are worrieddd. ):
When I didn't see you go 933,
I almost teared can. But it's okay, get well soon!
Health more important than anything else, take care~
See you soon again XD

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