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Friday, December 4, 2009

Went ESPRIT yesterday. It looks so much BIGGER compared to sg's.
Serious, must go in & see see. ^^
The price about the same, not so cheap. But I love the pink colour deco outside.
Sg's one is red~ I prefer PINK. XD

The effect damn cool and I love it. C!

Many many things have been in my mind lately.
Not that MANY actually :P
Was just thinking of different people around me. 
not all la. Some.

ppl no.1,
they're always there beside you no matter what happens.
even if you hate them to the shit core just b'cuz they've upset you in some ways,
they're still there, for you. 
I realised that i've been treating them like shit.
i wish i could treat them better,
for the fact that they belong to me,
for the fact that without them i wouldn't be here,
for the fact that they've spent a lot of money on me,
for the fact that those money that they've spent, i might not have the ability to return them all,
even after i've grown up,
for the fact that they listen to me willingly telling them stories about frh,
even if they're not interested at all,
for the fact that they love me, even if i don't SEEM to love them as much.
Once and twice i told myself, 
i will and must treat them better.. For they don't deserve bad treatment from me,
but still, i couldn't keep my own promise. 
I don't owe them anything, they owe me nothing too,
but they're still willing to earn money for me (other than themselves),
and treat me even better than they treat themselves.
Even if I've scolded them for the 100th or 1000th times,

they still bear with it, cause they know that i've not grown up yet.
sometimes i put my friends before them, they're still okay with it.
or even idols before them, anything. they're okay with it,
though i can tell that they wish that i put them as first in whatever choices i made.
I really wonder how can they put up with a girl like me,
for the whole of my 14 years of life. 
Without them, there wouldn't be me.
I guess that one reason is enough for me to fulfill my duty,
that is to treat them as who they're.
For my lifetime.
I wonder when i'll be so good to them.

ppl no.2..
I knew them since long time ago.
But whenever I think of them, i wonder if they'll think of me.
Or if they remembered who I actually was.
I didn't want to lose them as friends,
but i'm sure that they've made greater friends now.
I don't wish that they'd still rmb me,
but i really want to thank me for letting me be in their part of life,
for that period of years. you guys know that i still luv you all.
the bunch of 6 boys and girls.. as far as i can rmb.
I just know that i once had really super friends before,
that is you all. I wonder how you all are doing now.. 

ppl no.3..
those few ppl/her.
It was all thanks to her that I get to see them.
I know that without her,
or her initiation, I wouldn't have that kind of chances.
But sometimes, I always thought why did she have to do that.
Or why they don't want to share with me those news,
or whatever you call them. Is it because i'm not close w them,
or they don't see the need to? Sigh. I know that after that period,
I no longer need to know much anymore.(from them)
Sometimes i really don't know why they chose to do that..
I don't want to think so much about it le. 

Kk. Today went shopping again! Spent like another $250?
Am I like crazy. Haha, i think so :p
Kayz, bye~

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