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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't understand her, really.
why she's like that. is it on purpose because of that day.
or is it. she really changed x.
anyway, i don't know what to say.
not that close to her, but at the very least,
we chatted before. so felt sad that she changed x.
I don't know why. but it's okay.
i believe he doesn't deserve someone like her to like him.
never mind that. it's not really my problem.
i'm in no position to say much.

anyway, 3 dil was okay i guess.
not yet bonded with most of my classmates,
but hope to bond with them sometime soon.
easier to talk. right no.
science lessons were damn damn fun.
thanks to the many many jokers in class. :D
maths i'm not sure yet, but i hope to enjoy her lessons.
school was overall okay, so far.
pg looks hard, but i wna overcome my fear of it!
ya, like i fear it -_-'
I only worried can't maintain my A in pg la.
somemore, is PG. not G. urgh what shit is that.

oh realised my classmates are scary, in some ways.
like, they looked so hardworking, i'm scared. (!)
I thought they all will slack one, but sorry to say,
i'm so so so wrong! hahahhaha
okay good good, in a way. -_-
hope to see top scorers from 3 dil K! :D
1 or 2 or 3 will be good. i'll be damn happy for the class.
of course happier if i can be one of them XDD
bad is that a bit hard for me to you know. haha
must chiong already! wooo hoo.
(scared face)

Happy 2010! I know i'm lag but who cares right.
I lazy post so a bit delay. yeap.
okay la, next time blog again.

having a lot of thoughts now.
next time post a proper post hahahha.

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