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Monday, January 25, 2010

I totally don't know where my links and tagboards have flown to.
I was just merely changing the damn blogskin into someth simpler, yet..
It's ok. Next time I'll fix it back when I have more time. :)

I shall be contented with just this.
I just need a space for me to type, type and type anything I want.


Sometimes, I really wish I could go back to the 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 years old me.
When I didn't understand a shit about this complicated world.
When I've got so many freaking stupid questions in my mind.
Why this happen? Why is it like that? Why this tastes so sucky?
All the many many 'whys'...
But at least, whenever I asked a 'why', there would always be an answer.
That answer may not be the real reason behind my question,
but at least the adults knew how to hide the truth from me well.
And at least, I was naive enough to believe them and continue with my, happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Shiok, wasn't it? That stress-free lifestyle.

And you just don't have to worry a thing.
Games, lollipops, family's attention, all were there for you. To enjoy.

現在長大了, 事情再也沒有那麼簡單了...

When I was young, I wished I could grow up faster, faster!
But this wasn't the case when I got older:(
What happen to the simple life I'd thought earlier on?

Till then I realized that everything was just my imagination.

Coping badly in school :(
Let's let others overtake me.
Maybe I'm just not up to the standards.
Eh eh. 75% for maths test today :P
Irony right? But I just know I'm lousy, that's good enough.

In school, I'm happy always :)
I guess i wasn't acting to be one.
Back at home, away from friends, all my weird thoughts suddenly shot into my mind.
And once again, I looked emo. :(
But nevertheless, I'm happy with life :D

3 months' ago's TODAY, you're badly missed by ME. :( 

亚纶, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
牵我的手,无论到哪里,我带你走。 3:22 AM