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Thursday, February 18, 2010

i wonder who actually reads my blog.
but even if no one's reading it, i'll still blog.
because it's like a private diary to me already.
though there's another private one.

The world is facing so much conflicts every single day.
It's becoming more and more like a habit already. i think.
Okay, so. Why need to hate me for hating your idols?
I just don't like. Means i don't like.
It's so simple. So we're not friends just because,
we've different idols? Laugh out loud man.
Celebrities sometimes even have conflicts among one another.
So do their fans. This is like a cycle.

I dislike your idols. I made comments about them.
You took it as AN INSULT, and scolded me.
With your vulgarities which show how actually polite you're,
and saying that I've no life. I don't understand your idols well enough.
Hm. you can't expect the whole wide world to love your idols?
Then there'll only be YOUR IDOLS which exist.
Accept it, your idols aren't perfect.
If I made comments, this just means that they've more room for improvements.
But you took it so seriously. Yes, I can see how much you idolize them,
by the way you're defending them for yourself/their fans.

If it hurts you so much, IT HURTS ME TOO.
so you know what to say next time?

And I think i was a little immature to scold those people last time.
I admit I did not think before I did that.
From this, I realised that all the things I did then,
was just because I support them and so, positive positive positive.
I understand now. A little better than before.

HAHAH actually nothing has happened. K bye.
CROSS COUNTRY TMR. like we're gna cross Singapore to M'sia.

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